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Child Development Division

Total Amount of Public and Private Funds Received

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UMOS Child Development Programs continue to be funded with state and federal funds to provide services to migrant and seasonal families.

In Wisconsin, UMOS receives $548,000 from the Department of Children and Families to provide Migrant Child Care Services. In addition, UMOS receives $64,439 from the Department of Public Instruction Head Start Supplemental Grant for the Plymouth program.

UMOS is funded directly by the Department of Health and Human Services for 257 migrant and seasonal head start children. Sixty slots are seasonal in both Wisconsin and Missouri, and 16 slots are for Early Head Start to serve infants, toddlers and pregnant women.

The UMOS Delegate Program is funded by Texas Mentoring Communities to serve 200 children in Wisconsin; 50 slots are seasonal.

Budgetary Expenditures and Proposed Fiscal Year Budget

The budgetary expenditures for 2016/2017 were consistent with the planned expenditures. Funds were used to support participant services in areas like medical, dental, follow-up services, disabilities, mental health services, transportation, facility and overall operational cost, including facility maintenance and personnel. Participant cost included health, dental, nutrition, education, family, mental health and disabilities services. For 2017/2018, UMOS has allocated funds that will continue to provide services to families and children while addressing Office of Head Start priorities.

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There is a notable change in the Delegate grant for fiscal year 2017/2018 due to TMC's relinquishing the Delegate grant in Wisconsin. UMOS is now the Interim Grantee. UMOS has received partial funding as the interim grantee for fiscal year 2017/2018.

All UMOS Food Service personnel received Food Sanitation Certification from ServSafe, a nationally accredited program. UMOS has received $41,310 in reimbursement costs under the Grantee program, $32,657 in reimbursement under the Delegate and $5,428 in reimbursements for Migrant Child Care. These reimbursements are from the Child and Adult Food Program(CACFP) and Summer Food Service Program(SFSP).

Delegate and Grantee Object Class Chart